Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ugh... not feeling well now...

president obama. yes... i just gave him the middle finger of grammar. no, not once... twice.

though i do not agree with everything john mccain stands for, i do believe that he would be a better leader than mr. obama.

i don't know a lot about politics, nor will i ever claim to know a lot. but i do know that as a country, we haven't made a good decision. i know that we are in for changes. and i don't believe they will be good changes.

i'm going to throw in the obligatory God is Sovereign statements now....

i know that God's got this country in His grip. i know that God will do His will with those in this land.

but most of all, i pray that Jesus will come back soon.

Please Lord Jesus, please come soon. my hope is in YOU. my hope is not in one man that makes promises he cannot keep.

my hope is in the Savior of this world. The One who died for me. The One who loves me more than anyone else ever will. The only One who can save us from all of our transgressions.

my hope... it's in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.