Thursday, January 26, 2012

it's gotta happen!

ok, so this was my post on jon acuff's blog back in december:

guess how much work I've actually done on my Finish Year goals!

that's right... NONE!!!

so i'm starting number seven right now. writing!

what i need to keep in mind is that these writings don't have to be long. they just need to be honest. they need to be real. they can't be fake. they can't be easy.

so here it is, my commitment to myself for this year:

  1. write three times each week.
  2. keep the length to what feels right. if it's two words, it's two words. if it's two-thousand, it's two-thousand. length does not matter.
  3. be honest. - don't mince words or write half truths. write what is happening and what's moving you.
  4. be real. - again, don't write half truths. tell it like it is. if it's not pretty, write it. if it's mushy and mildly sickening, write it! just write what you need to. it's ok. this is YOUR blog, not someone else's. if they don't like what they read, they can stop reading it. write what you need to.
  5. have fun with it. don't let this become a burden. let it be something that allows you to express what you NEED to in a way you WANT to.
  6. don't stop. keep going. even when it's hard to do.

so there we go. let's get it done! this IS something that i will be able to say i finished this year. i'm going to do it. 

NOT finishing... that's not an option.