Tuesday, December 1, 2009

some progress!

so i'm making some progress! this excites me more than you can possibly understand! woo! here's what's been going on:

physically - alrighty. so amanda and i went to our weight watchers meeting last night. you know, the weigh in is something that i really don't like all that much, but it's actually been kind of fun! the first time i weighed in three weeks ago, i didn't lose anything. BUT, i didn't gain anything either. last week, i lost 2.8 pounds. i was excited about that! then, we go to weigh in last night... i lost 5.8 pounds! during a holiday week, too! YAY! so, that brings my total weight loss to 8.6 pounds!!! it was a good day! my original goal to lose 20 pounds during this whole HHC is probably a bit unrealistic. but, one week in and i've already lost almost six pounds! i think i'll be happy if i just lose 15 instead of 20! still going to go for the 20 though! it could happen!!!

spiritually - been doing better with the one too! i actually got a message on facebook from an old friend (hi caleb!) asking me what he could specifically pray about for me this week/month! what perfect timing! i say perfect for a couple of reasons. one: i was thinking about caleb the other day. wondering how everything was going for him with school and wanting to find out so that i could pray for him during the HHC. two: it gave me a great chance to reconnect with him! i haven't seen him in oh, almost two years i think. :( but i've been praying for caleb the last couple of days, so it's been great! i still need to get my head (and my heart) into some sort of quiet time though. so pray for me in that if you would!

relationally - well, last night, amanda and i went to dinner and then to target after our WW meeting. we haven't done that in like, a year, i think! it was nice to be able to do it! i've also got a coffee date set for Thursday with a good friend that i've kind of lost touch with too. and i've spent a bit more time with my parents the last few days. so relationally, things are going pretty well! and they can only get better from here, i think!

ok friends. so that's it. that's how things are going. anyone else doing the Holiday Health Challenge? how are things going for you?